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Our esteemed colleague Nancy French has published an awesome piece over at Newsmax entitled “Mitt Romney Not Our Pastor-in-Chief.” Here is a taste:

The mainstream media often seems as incredulous as my friend. They maintain that Romney has no chance in the Bible Belt, due to the differences between the Mormon faith and mainstream Christianity. But my emotional friend’s reaction notwithstanding, the media have it wrong.
Let me explain why. To paraphrase Jerry Falwell, I wouldn’t want Gov. Romney as my Sunday school teacher, but that’s not the office he’s running for. The fact is, we’re not electing a Pastor-in-Chief. Voters who care about traditional values are smart enough to keep that in mind.

I’m unhappy to report, though, that I’m not just posting this to give Nancy some well-deserved kudos. Apparently, some folks on the Internet are playing a game of “Whisper Down the Lane” with her piece, and it’s time we spoke up.
As Nancy’s article makes the rounds, various statements about Mormoms that she did not make–and that EFM would never make–are being added to the piece. We’re finding out as we get odd hate mail for allegedly saying things we don’t actually believe. For instance, in one edited version we’ve seen, the piece claims that we evangelicals have been “force-fed a lot of misconceptions about Mormon belief” and goes on to proclaim that “Mormons are indeed Christians and always have been.”
We want go on record that these are not Nancy’s words or EFM’s beliefs. For her actually piece, you can visit the link above.
We have explained numerous times that it is not our place to weigh in on the questions of whether Governor Romney or any other Mormon is a Christian. We have always been clear, and will continue to be clear, that we have deep theological difference with Mormonism. And as we’ve written before:

As for those important doctrinal differences, whether they can render impossible a saving reliance on Jesus is for him, not us, to decide–and it is not relevant to the 2008 presidential race. So we’ll leave it aside and keep illuminating the ways that one particular Mormon clearly shares our values and should be the next president.

As for whoever it is that is putting words in our mouths–well, if you call yourself a Christian, this doesn’t strike us as a great witness. Please stop.

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