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Amazing article in WorldNetDaily, in which a professor at a Church of Christ college challenges anyone to find evidence that Fred Thompson actually attends church.

The political scientist says he hasn’t been able to find any information regarding the former senator’s actual membership in a local congregation in his home state of Tennessee.
“In our tradition,” Elrod said, “that’s called ‘being out of fellowship’ or a ‘lapsed member.’”
On his blog, the professor challenged the Church of Christ faithful to produce evidence they’ve seen Thompson “at an assembly of a Church of Christ (Stone-Campbell) in the last 20 years.” So far nobody has met the challenge.
Specifically, Elrod is soliciting any information about Thompson having:
Taught a Bible class,
Presided at the Lord’s table,
Served as a greeter,
Or led singing (“If it was 728b and you can prove it, I’ll give you $100,” he wagered, referring to the hymn, “Our God, He Is Alive,” which is considered an anthem in the Churches of Christ).

Of course, even if Fred Thompson was a tithing member of his local congregation, that wouldn’t settle it. It seems the Church of Christ (the church tradition in which David and I grew up) is not “progressive” enough for some political strategists. Why? The church restricts women’s role in the worship service.

“There are some things women are not allowed to do,” explained Church of Christ preacher David Pharr, who graduated from Freed-Hardeman College in Tennessee. “They are not allowed to pray, teach or even ask questions when such would be usurping authority over men.”
Last year, CNN and other media described the Church of Christ as a “cult” that oppresses women after a preacher’s wife, Mary Winkler, shot her husband in the back in Tennesee. The church denies being a cult.

Absolutely ridiculous. Again, if we evangelicals use a religious litmus test on our Presidential candidates, we’re the ones who’ll end up getting hurt.

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