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I mentioned earlier today, briefly, that we conservatives need to make sure we pick a communicator to represent us in ’08. Of course, David has expounded upon this at some length and with much more intelligence. And now, as I sit here watching C-SPAN (I told you it was my guilty pleasure), I’m newly convicted of it.
Why, you ask? Because right now C-SPAN is re-airing the recent festivities at the Billy Graham Library, and I just watched President Clinton’s speech. I can’t find video, but…wow.
Yes, I know what you’re thinking; it probably includes some sort of expletive. But save it. No matter what you think of President Clinton, he had that audience (and me) hanging on every word.
Can you imagine having a communicator like that making the case for the war in which we find ourselves?
Can you imagine how different our national discussion would be if we had had one for the past six years?
I’m not sure I can–but I’m sick of trying to imagine. I want to see it.
I remember what our side used to say–still says!–about President Clinton. He’s too slick. He’s a used car salesman. Blah blah blah.
That’s what people who know they’re losing the war of words say. We lost it in the 1990s.
Those who are saying the same stuff about Governor Romney are afraid they’ll lose that same war of words if Governor Romney wins the White House. I think they’re right. And I say we prove them so–not because it will get “our guy” in the Oval Office, but because our nation will benefit, at a crucial time, from having him there.

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