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A caller responds to an interview with Gov. Romney:

SCULLY: Thanks for the call. New market, new hampshire you’re next.
CALLER: new market, new hampshire, formerly from massachusetts. Live long democrat. Been watching mitt romney. My daughter actually worked for him when he had his company, bain in boston. She is very critical person. She said, ethical and morally you couldn’t ask for anyone better. And i think that’s what we need in the white house right now.
SCULLY: You call as democrat?
CALLER: as a democrat. I’ve been registering independent and i think this, if mitt romney gets nomination i think more than likely this will be the first year i vote as republican. I know he is going to have the ethical and moral fortitude for the white house in washington which is what we need. My only other concern is immigration. And of course, getting the troops home. So if he can work on those two things, of, closing up the borders, and getting our troops home out of that bloodbath, that would be great. He’ll be the guy. I’ve been telling my husband all along. He’s going to come up there. He is hopefully will be the nomination.
SCULLY: Let me ask you. This is a question for those who follow politics closely. A lot of attention on iowa, first in the nation caucuses. In new hampshire with the first-in-the-nation primary. Do you think as a new hampshire democrat your state has, too much ininfluence in the process of selecting nominees?
CALLER: Not especially. The flavor of new hampshire has changed especially in the seacoast area and, the southern part of, new hampshire it’s basically, right now being called, northern mass there are so many people up here from massachusetts right now. We’ve got, a large influx of retirees, from connecticut, and new york and mass because, new hampshire is the only other state other than florida, that has no income tax. So the demographics are really changing and, it used to be a very republican state but there is a good mix now. People are just, i think they’re looking away from whether you’re a democrat or republican. They’re looking for the right fit. Sick and tired what is going on in washington. And i’m, telling you it’s, you hate to put the news on at night. You hear more malarkey what is going on there and, it has to stop. We need the right person. Whether it’s a democrat or a republican. And i really think, romney is the guy for it.
SCULLY: What is your name, caller?
CALLER: Rose ann.
SCULLY: Keep in touch, rose ann. Sound like true independent who might lean towards mitt romney.
CALLER: I certainly will.

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