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I’m so glad the story of John Smeaton is being told:

Last Saturday afternoon, baggage handler John Smeaton was standing in front of Glasgow Airport smoking a cigarette when a Jeep Cherokee burst into flames nearby. He watched its burning driver emerge. A police officer pursued the passenger.
What happened next has turned Mr. Smeaton, 31 years old, into an unlikely folk hero. When he saw the passenger hitting the officer, Mr. Smeaton ran over and kicked the assailant.
Mr. Smeaton has been interviewed on the BBC, CNN and other networks about his response to the attack in which two suspected terrorists attempted to ram into the airport’s main terminal. (See the CNN interview.) In a Glaswegian accent that is at times impenetrable — Australia’s Channel 7 subtitled its interview with him — Mr. Smeaton voiced a defiance that has turned him into a de facto spokesman for Glasgow’s fighting spirit. His message to terrorists: “You come to Glasgow, we don’t stand for it,” he says. “We’ll just set aboot ye.” (Translation: “In Glasgow, we’ll just deck you.”)

Of course, there are thousands–millions?–of Iraqis taking even bigger risks than John Smeaton did in their country, but we hardly ever hear about them from the MSM. Don’t you wonder what public opinion on the war would look like if we did?
That’s why we need a thousand Michael Yons–and a better communicator as our next commander-in-chief.

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