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Here’s how the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review describes him:

David Yepsen, the chief political columnist for The Des Moines Register, has been covering Iowa government and politics for more than 30 years. With Iowa’s corn already well-trampled by the herd of Republican and Democrat presidential candidates hoping to win the mysterious Iowa caucuses in January, and with the important Republican straw poll coming on Aug. 11, we thought it was a good time to ask Yepsen who’s winning and losing out there in the Hawkeye State.

Here’s what he has to say about Governor Romney:

Romney has run one of the best caucus campaigns I’ve ever seen. He’s run a very businesslike, precise, very efficient campaign. It really reflects sort of the CEO personality. I think that’s number one; he’s just running a really good campaign. He’s putting time in here. Time-on-task is probably one of the most important things a candidate can do.

As we’ve mentioned before, the ability to run a campaign is a proxy for something even more important (and lacking in Washington): the ability to git ‘er done.
Also of note:

Well, sure. Fred Thompson scores well on polls. There’s buzz about him. Newt Gingrich has spent a fair amount of time here in the last couple years doing different things. But Newt is not in this thing. It’s like the biblical line, “If you sound an uncertain trumpet, who will follow?” If he’s going to do this, he needs to get going and he’s really sent off some mixed signals about that. Fred Thompson hasn’t showed up. There’s buzz here. But one of the questions I have about Fred Thompson in Iowa is, “Does he peak on the day he announces?” He’s got no infrastructure here. He’s got great name ID. I think a lot of what Fred Thompson has going for him is the feeling that Republicans are unhappy with the rest of their field. Once he gets in and people start seeing some of his warts and start picking at his record, and if they don’t see him as an aggressive campaigner or he doesn’t look committed here, I don’t think it will hold up for six months.

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