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I’d bet you that none of the folks currently slamming Governor Romney for not single-handedly putting a stop to porn in Marriott hotel rooms have ever served as a corporate board member. But apparently if you get enough evangelicals together who don’t understand corporate governance but deeply (and rightly) hate porn–and add in an AP reporter who never misses a chance to cause trouble for Governor Romney–a non-story can get attention.
The stuff that is available in hotel rooms these days–not to mention on the Internet–makes me sick. But to seriously argue it’s within the purview of one member of a for-profit Board of Directors to champion such an issue evinces a total misunderstanding of directors’ role. Lay boards, by definition, are not involved in day-to-day operations. Members typically have their own firms to manage–that is what they are immersed in day-to-day. What they do is come together periodicially, get deluged in information, and make extremely high-level decisions. They don’t ask if the scrambled eggs are any good, the elevator mirrors are clean, or the TVs are porn-free. It’s just not their job, no matter how important non-runny eggs, non-streaky mirrors, or non-disgusting programming may be to them.
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