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As we’ve mentioned before, Governor Romney has argued, forcefully and appropriately, that conservatism can be compared to a stool with three legs. According to him, those three legs are three different kinds of strength–military, economic, and familial–corresponding to the three kinds of conservatism we should be able to see in the GOP nominee in 2008.
To make this analogy even more vivid on the campaign trail, Governor Romney has now apparently enlisted the aid of a real, live stool. And thanks to the New York Times–who knew it could be so useful?–we can see it all on video.
Well done, Governor.
Relatedly, I note that Mayor Giuliani is trying to claim that he is a “pro-family” candidate too, on the basis of his work to clean up Times Square and so forth. I don’t like saying this, but if the Mayor wants to vie for the title of being pro-family, he’s asking for it: You can’t be pro-family if you’re only pro-other people’s families.
Cleaning up Times Square is great; I’m glad he and his police commissioner did it. But Americans are sick and tired of politicians, especially Republicans, going on about protecting the American family when they haven’t lived out those values themselves. And that sick-and-tiredness has only been multiplied by, well, recent news about Mayor Giuliani’s own surrogates. (That will be all I have to say about that.) To be credible on these issues in 2008, we need a candidate who has lived out family values–in public and in private.
Look–in a pinch, I’d vote for Mayor Giuliani over Senator Clinton. It’s a no-brainer. But by claiming to be credible by virtue of his actions as politician, Mayor Giuliani only invites people to be reminded of how un-credible these latest professions are in light of his actions as a husband and father. Even worse, his claims aren’t even credible in light of his political record. As my wife aptly points out from the other side of the room, can one even be “pro-other people’s families,” to use my earlier term, when one is pro-abortion? Not likely.
Mayor Giuliani should quit pretending to be something he isn’t. The reality is, Governor Romney is the only serious candidate who has established his pro-family bona fides both in the home and in the office.

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EFM's resident Yankee, Charles Mitchell, works in the non-profit arena in his native Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Charissa, live near the state capital of Harrisburg with their daughter, Adeline, and are members of a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America.

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