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You may be aware that there is a certain Republican presidential candidate who spent his entire day yesterday viciously attacking other Republican presidential candidates. You may also be aware that one of his complaints was disproven months ago–and that viciously attacking other Republican presidential candidates has, to date, been his only real contribution to the race. With that in mind, I hereby institute an EFM ban of said candidate, similar to K-Lo’s Star Trek ban in the Corner. Giving him attention will only encourage him, and it’s time we ignored him.
But before the ban officially starts, I have to paste something I was forwarded. Six months ago it would have been inappropriate. After yesterday, it is much deserved, not to mention hilarious.

Sam I Am…
Sam Brownback campaign manager Rob Wasinger: “We are looking forward to running a strong issue-based, positive campaign.” (The Associated Press, April 2, 2007)
Sam I Am… The Candidate Who Viciously Attacks Fellow Republicans.

Sam’s campaign attacked Mrs. Anne Romney in phone calls to Iowa voters. “Two Republican presidential candidates are demanding apologies from fellow GOP hopeful Sam Brownback for questioning their opposition to abortion in automated phone calls to voters. ‘Mitt Romney is telling Iowans he is firmly pro-life. Nothing could be further from the truth,’ said the Brownback campaign’s phone message. The message goes on to attack the former Massachusetts governor’s wife, warning: ‘His wife, Ann, has contributed money to Planned Parenthood.’ Romney spokesman Tim Albrecht expressed outrage at what he called ‘despicable, negative phone calls.’ ‘They should apologize to Ann Romney and Governor Romney for this personal attack,’ Albrecht said.” (The Associated Press, July 23, 2007)

At the same time, Sam was attacking fellow Republican candidate Tom Tancredo in another phone call to Iowans. “Brownback’s campaign has also been making phone calls in Iowa that criticize Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo for taking campaign money from a Planned Parenthood backer. ‘Say no to Tom Tancredo and his Planned Parenthood friend and help end abortion in America,’ the caller says, according to a script confirmed by Brownback’s campaign. Tancredo said Brownback, a Kansas senator, is a longtime friend who ‘is well aware of my lifelong commitment to the unborn.’ ‘I call on Senator Brownback to cease with the maliciously misleading push calls intended to harm me and apologize,’ Tancredo said in a statement. Brownback’s campaign stood by both calls.” (The Associated Press, July 23, 2007)

Sam has attacked fellow Republican Tancredo before. “Sen. Sam Brownback’s presidential campaign blasted fellow GOP presidential candidate Tom Tancredo Monday for accepting campaign donations from a founder of a Planned Parenthood chapter. … Bay Buchanan, a senior advisor to Tancredo’s presidential campaign, issued the following statement: ‘Those who contribute to the Tancredo campaign are supportive of Congressman Tancredo and his principles and values; in no way does this suggest he endorses theirs. … What is far more interesting to the people of Iowa is Senator Brownback’s complete embrace of massive amnesty for illegal aliens.’” (CNN, July 3, 2007)

Sam was recently forced to personally apologize for his campaign’s attack on fellow Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s religion. “Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he accepted an apology Monday from GOP rival Sam Brownback for an e-mail disparaging his Mormon religion that a campaign aide sent to Iowa GOP leaders. … ‘He said that religious attacks don’t have any place in politics and, of course, we agree on that,’ Romney said.” (The Associated Press, June 18, 2007)

So Why Is Sam I Am Attacking? Maybe He’s Hiding From His Record…
Sam I Am… The Candidate Who Voted For Amnesty Before Voting Against It.

Sam voted for the amnesty bill, and then 10 minutes later switched his vote. “When voting began Thursday on whether to advance President Bush’s immigration bill, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback was among the first lawmakers to vote ‘yes.’ About 10 minutes later, Brownback switched his vote to ‘no.’” (The Associated Press, June 29, 2007)

Sam switched his vote only after it was clear the amnesty bill would fail. “Republican Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas was the only candidate to vote no. Brownback first voted yes, then switched after it became clear the bill was headed for defeat.” (Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 29, 2007)

Sam I Am… The Candidate Who Won’t Admit He Flip-Flopped On Abortion.

In 1994, Sam said congress shouldn’t legislate the abortion issue. “On other issues, here’s what Brownback offered: Abortion: ‘I don’t think the Congress should be in the issue legislating it or funding it.’” (The Topeka Capital-Journal, July 25, 1994)

David Gittrich, Kansas for Life: “When [Brownback] first ran, he took a pro-choice position.” “‘When he first ran, he took a pro-choice position,’ said David Gittrich, executive director of Kansans for Life. That was enough to turn social conservatives against him.” (Kansas City Star, October 27, 1996)

Sam now denies his pro-choice past. Sam: “My position has become more clear, but it’s not evolved. … I wasn’t as clear in my statements at that point in time.” (Fox News Channel Sunday, January 28, 2007)

Sam I Am… The Candidate Who Voted To Give Social Security Benefits To Illegals.

In 2006, Sam joined Hillary Clinton and Teddy Kennedy to vote to give Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants. (1996 Senate vote no. 130)

The Washington Times: Brownback’s vote to give Social Security to illegals harms the Social Security program. “On its way to bankruptcy, Social Security will get there a bit sooner if President Bush, Republican senators (and prospective presidential candidates) John McCain, Chuck Hagel and Sam Brownback and the overwhelming majority of Democratic senators get their way.” (The Washington Times, January 5, 2007)

Sam I Am… The Candidate Who Flip-Flopped On The Iraq Troop Surge.

Last December, Sam said he supported letting the President decide troop levels in Iraq. Sam: “If we need to put in short-term more troops, into the area, to get Baghdad to stabilize – and that’s up to the military leaders and the President’s discretion – I support that.” (Senator Sam Brownback speech, December 15, 2006)

Just a month later, Sam flip-flopped and opposed the President’s troop surge. “Sen. Sam Brownback said Wednesday he opposes President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq, a departure from his previous support for Bush’s Iraq policy.” (The Associated Press, January 10, 2007)

Sam, in January 2007: ”I do not believe that sending more troops to Iraq is the answer.” (The Associated Press, January 10, 2007)

Sam I Am… The Candidate Who Flip-Flopped On The Death Penalty.

In 1997, Sam supported the death penalty. “‘There are crimes that merit the death penalty,’ said Sen. Sam Brownback, Kansas Republican.” (The Washington Times, November 6, 1997)

Now, Sam is against the death penalty. “‘If we’re trying to establish a culture of life, it’s difficult to have the state sponsoring executions,’ he told U.S. News & World Report this month. He also suggested that taxpayer funding for … capital punishment should be eliminated.” (The San Francisco Chronicle, April 10, 2005)

As we’ve said before, changing your mind is one thing. But doing it and then pretending you never have–while you are busily condemning others who have changed their minds–is just wrong.
And now that I’ve gotten this out of my system–it’s ban time.

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