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From reader Ryan:

I enjoyed your post on the question of whether Romney should give a “Mormon Speech.” I’m still in the middle of forming an opinion, because I think there are definite pros and cons, as pointed out by you and Charles.
However, there’s one thing I can chime in on, which is your unsubstantiated guess that coverage of the religion issue is tailing off. On my blog,, I track all coverage of Mitt’s religion as best I can, with a lot of news alerts and RSS feeds set up to get me every single story that even hints at Mormonism in covering Mitt Romney. So I think I can comment on the ubiquity of the issue in the Romney press. And my experience in the last few weeks leads me to conclude that you are undoubtedly correct, at least for now. There is no question that coverage of the Mormon question has tailed off substantially in July, despite a few high profile articles that go against the trend.
That’s not to say there won’t be future upticks- there certainly will as the primaries grow closer and whisper campaigns begin, especially if Mitt is out ahead. But there’s no question that for now, the press has moved on. Not sure how dispositive that is of the question at hand (I don’t believe it is), but it’s an interesting data point from one observer that attempts to follow the issue quite closely.

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