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Faithful EFM readers have most likely noted (and lamented) the lack of posts from Nancy these past few weeks. Well, EFM’s most talented writer is moving on to working directly with Ann Romney on a book project (further details will be announced when we can). I won’t bore you with all the details of how Nancy came to work with Ann, but the Reader’s Digest version is pretty simple. Evangelicals for Mitt started as a group of friends working hard to support Governor Romney at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. After our success there, we started this blog, and our readership has exploded from those few hundred first visitors to the tens of thousands who now read our site.
As we have worked on EFM, we have been privileged to get to know the Governor, Ann, and a few members of his staff. Earlier this summer, Nancy, Charles, and I were named Vice-Chairs of his National Faith and Values Steering Committee. Yet as many readers know (or should know), we do not do this blog as part of our day jobs. Charles advocates for higher education reform, I’m a constitutional lawyer and Army reservist, and Nancy is a talented writer. Her most recent book, A Red State of Mind, has been well-received and has led to other opportunities including (we forgive her) a recurring stint on the public radio show “Weekend America” and occasional contributions to National Review Online.
In her latest career turn, Nancy is now using her writing talents to help Ann tell her family’s story. While Americans are getting know Mitt and Ann Romney, the candidate and his wife, they do not yet know the Romneys as people, as husband and wife, father and mother. One of the great things about the Romneys is that they look even better close up than they do from a distance. The Romneys are good folks, and America needs to know them better. Nancy hopes to help make that happen.
What does all this mean for EFM? Since this is the Internet and all, I think it would be most appropriate to deal with this question in the form of an FAQ:
1. Will Nancy still contribute to EFM? Not for the foreseeable future. She has a deadline looming before her, and–to be honest–we’re still trying to figure out the best way to handle Nancy’s new relationship with the campaign. While we have made no secret of our unabashed support for Governor Romney (look at the name of the blog, for crying out loud), we have never before been a part of the campaign and have always prized our independence. We don’t want critics to read Nancy’s words and say, “but she’s paid to write those things.” At this point, such criticism may be unavoidable, but we’re doing our best to sort through the issues.
2. Will Nancy be paid for her work? Yes. Although she has not yet made plans to buy this car or even this phone, she will receive modest compensation for her efforts.
3. Will the campaign “vet” EFM posts? No. We have never before cleared our posts with the campaign, and we have no plans to do so in the future. Nancy’s work with Ann represents our first (and aside from the Faith and Values Steering Committee, only) formal link to the campaign itself. In the interests of full disclosure, I did share this post with campaign officials before I put it out to make sure that I wasn’t running afoul of any contractual obligations the campaign may have with publishers. I have no plans to share future posts. If (for some unforeseen reason) that ever changes, I will be the first to tell you. To put things another way, don’t read EFM and think that we are part of official campaign communications strategy or that our posts are in any way a reflection of the campaign’s thinking on any given issue. Our thoughts are–and will remain–our own.
4. OK, does that mean that EFM will be a source for juicy insider gossip? Now, now. We’re Christians. We don’t gossip. (Plus, this is the Romneys we’re talking about–how much gossip could there be?)
So that readers are fully aware of Nancy’s work and the nature of this site, we will prominently post this entry for the indefinite future, and if Nancy does write again for EFM, we will link to this entry at the bottom of her posts.
In the meantime, I hope EFM writers will join me in congratulating Nancy for working with a truly extraordinary person on a truly extraordinary project.

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