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No, not the awful 1990s band. Ramesh Ponnuru says there’s no doubt–okay, his phrase is “no question”–that Senator Thompson “wasn’t pro-life at the start of his political career.”
That means, of course, that in this race we’ve got one pro-choicer (Mayor Giuliani) and two converts (Governor Romney and Senator Thompson)–not a pro-choicer, a convert, and a Messiah, as some would have you believe.
Moreover, casting aside the unacceptable pro-choicer, the two converts aren’t the same. One, Governor Romney, both admits he is a convert on abortion and would support a state-level ban on abortion. Neither of those things is true of Senator Thompson. Ponnuru pointed out the first in his above-linked post; EFM noted the latter the other day.
Well, you know which of those converts I trust more. It’s the one who, while keeping his campaign promises, was a pro-life leader in a most inhospitable place. Voting the pro-life line when you’ve been elected from a pro-life state is good and commendable–but leading is better. It also happens to be what we need a president to do.
UPDATE: Help! After writing this, now I’ve got this dreadful song in my head!

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