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From a reader who confesses to supporting Mayor Giuliani, in response to my latest post on marriage:

I read the above column wherein you discuss the New York Times’ discussion of Fred Thompson’s wife. In your column you state that Rudy Giuliani is ” not with us on traditional marriage.” I realize that you are in the tank for Romney, however I suggest you get your facts straight.
Rudy believes that marriage should be restricted to one man and woman. Next time, please do your homework before you feel compelled to write something about Rudy.

In the tank I might be, the facts are what they are. Governor Romney has been married to the same woman for nearly forty years, has taken a stand for the sanctity of marriage on incredibly difficult terrain, and has endorsed a federal marriage amendment. Mayor Giuliani has been divorced twice (once in perhaps the ugliest fashion imaginable), endorsed civil unions while in office (though he’s now “flip-flopped,” contrary to his stalwart reputation), and has neither endorsed an amendment or figured out any other way to protect traditional marriage.
Governor Romney agrees with our values on traditional marriage, has lived them out his entire life, and throughout his time as governor and since, he has taken political positions consistent with them. (As we’ve noted, he has long and simultaneously touted both tolerance of gays and opposition to their “marrying.”) That’s why I said he is with us. And if you compare Mayor Giuliani to that, it’s obvious that he’s not. Values-wise, his own actions make clear that he doesn’t share our desire for protecting the sanctity of marriage, and politically, he hasn’t proposed any way to do it.

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