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So I leave for a few days of business travel and come back to find that Charles has banned any mention of Sam Brownback from EFM. Sorry Charlie, but you’re not the boss of me. I’m un-banning Senator Brownback from the site. There are three reasons:
1. Comedy. I love a good laugh, and the whole idea that Sam Brownback is leading the charge in labeling Governor Romney a “flip-flopper” after he changed his immigration vote (only one of the two or three most important votes of the last two years) in ten minutes has literally endless comic potential.
2. Bad form. Charles you can’t really be serious that the “Sam I Am” parody is “hilarious.” I mean, really, the document conveys information effectively, but is it hilarious? It’s basically a cartoon and a quote or two from “Green Eggs and Ham” with what reads like an intra-office memo sandwiched in the middle. At least tweak it to make it rhyme!
3. Surrogacy. Look, I’m the last one to think that Sam Brownback has credibility as a presidential candidate. Both as a matter of substance (I’m not sure what he brings to the table that others don’t) and style (his campaign motto seems to be, “I’m the most conservative Christian in the race, and if you don’t believe that, then up yours!”), he is going nowhere. His attacks, however, will live on and be adopted by others well after the Senator leaves the race. We’ve got to respond to them effectively now, because we will see them again — whether from Rudy or Fred or (later) from Hillary.
So congratulations, Senator, you’ve been un-banned.

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