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That’s the question Matt Lewis is asking over at Townhall, and he’s coming up with some good answers. His first point:

Critics often decry the rough-and-tumble world of political campaigns. They argue that the skills needed to win an election are not the skills needed to be an effective leader. But I would argue that campaigns are actually very good at separating the men from the boys. In this case, by failing to empower a campaign manager, it is clear McCain’s lacks the leadership skills necessary to run a campaign, much less a nation.

The emphasis is mine, of course. As we’ve noted, senators aren’t necessarily great executives. The candidate we support, however, has proven many times that he is a great manager.
Lewis’s next point:

The real winner here may turn out to be Fred Thompson. Until recently, I was wondering where in the world he would find a staff. After all, many of the top talent had been grabbed up. Well, it turns out McCain’s value may really be as a staffing and training agency for Fred Thompson. If you think of it, it would be apostasy to leave McCain and go to work for Romney, for example. But leaving McCain to work for Thompson seems like an easy transition to make…

Yep, I’d buy that too. It’d be a much easier transition to go from McCain’s camp to that of his 2000 national co-chairman and campaign finance “reform” comrade-in-arms than to that of the only candidate who’s talking about the cultural issues for which Senator McCain so clearly does not have a passion.

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