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I just watched most of the AFL-CIO debate. Interestingly, Chris Dodd said at one point that “terrorism is a tactic, not a philosophy.” Too bad Keith Olbermann was too busy drooling over the candidates and asking foolish questions about Barry Bonds to bother to ask the other Democrats if they agree with that assessment. Sadly, most of them do.
And another thing: For as much flak as Dems give Bill O’Reilly he would question Republicans much, much harder than Olbermann pressed the Democrats tonight. For example, at one point Olbermann asked Obama about his use of federal lobbyists as “bundlers” for his campaign. Obama flatly said he did not use federal lobbyists as bundlers. Olbermann’s response: “Thank you for the clarification, Senator.” Now I assume that if Olbermann bothered to ask that question that someone did some research to prove that Obama does indeed have federal lobbyists bundling for him. But when given an opportunity to press on the matter he resorted to a meager “thank you.” He is an embarrassment to “journalism.”

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