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Ramesh Ponnuru:

Rep. King on Immigration
Kathryn, I thought King’s op-ed was ridiculous, as is the whole Giuliani pushback against Romney on immigration. Public safety did not require Giuliani to announce that he wanted illegal immigrants in New York City. And there’s a difference between a mayor’s affirmatively making his city a sanctuary city and a governor’s merely not stopping cities in his state from becoming sanctuaries.

Rich Lowry:

Can We Please Give It a Rest?
Here we are as conservatives expending an enormous amount of energy to effectively punish candidates for agreeing with us. Since when did it become a bad thing for a candidate to realize the influence of conservatives (and hopefully the correctness of their views) in the nominating process and react accordingly? Now, after excoriating Romney for becoming pro-life, we are seeing the entire foolish process repeated with Rudy becoming anti-illegal immigration. I can understand why the campaigns, angling for every advantage, do this, but why do conservative outsiders have to play along? Both Romney and Giuliani have a good chance to be the nominee and it’s in our interest as conservatives to see that they agree with us as much as reasonably possible. That means shifts to the right should be welcomed rather than the occasion for gleeful gotcha (ideally, candidates would do their part by forthrightly acknowledging their changes of mind). Part of all this is the hangover from the flip-flop campaign against John Kerry in 2004. But the characteristic Kerry flip-flop—voting for it before voting against it—wasn’t a flip-flop so much as trying to have it both ways. A flip-flop, of course, can tell us something about a candidate’s sincerity and therefore the likelihood of his follow-through. I don’t see either Romney or Giuliani, however, as saying things they have no intention of doing if elected. The only thing I’m troubled by in Rudy’s immigration flip-flop is that it wasn’t thorough enough and he still supports an amnesty in conjunction with his enforcement. But I guess if he decided to oppose amnesty, conservative flip-flop police would attack him all the more. Bizarre…

Incidentally, compare the op-ed Ramesh mentions to this one by a supporter of Governor Romney’s. One strikes me as a bit more respectful, given that this is an intra-party disagreement…

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