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I just happened across this Corner post:

From Team Thompson:
I’m afraid CNN story you linked mischaracterized Thompson’s comment on gay marriage. They’ve since altered the story….without noting the change.
For the record, the Thompson camp has officially noted that “Fred Thompson does not support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.” He supports the rights of States to choose their marriage law for themselves.
The Thompson camp issued this statement:

In an interview with CNN today, former Senator Fred Thompson’s position on constitutional amendments concerning gay marriage was unclear.
Thompson believes that states should be able to adopt their own laws on marriage consistent with the views of their citizens.
He does not believe that one state should be able to impose its marriage laws on other states, or that activist judges should construe the constitution to require that.
If necessary, he would support a constitutional amendment prohibiting states from imposing their laws on marriage on other states.
Fred Thompson does not support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

I wasn’t following this, but I believe the CNN story in question is here.
Here, then, is a Federal Marriage Amendment scorecard on the GOP frontrunners:
Senator Thompson: opposed.
Mayor Giuliani: opposed.
Governor Romney: in favor.
And if you want to be generous about who’s a frontrunner, Senator McCain is also opposed.
UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt was obviously out of bed before I was this morning. Whoops!

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