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Sometimes it’s tough to be a Republican. How many more scandals can we endure? Millions of Americans have supported Republicans not just for the small government, lower taxes, strong defense conservative platform but also because they have seen a rather dramatic moral decay in our society and have noticed that Republicans have had the stronger public voice against pornography, gross sexual license, and the disintigration of the family. But when a parade of Republicans get caught up in scandals ranging from gross internet messages with young congressional pages, to tawdry liasons with D.C. prostitutes, to bathroom cruising, the moral message is decisively undermined.
When you combine these sexual scandals with the financial and political corruption of a Duke Cunningham or Ted Stevens, you see an absolute crying need for integrity on the Republican side of the aisle. And which leading Republican is known as “Mr. Clean?” Rich Lowry is exactly right:

Once he’s over the momentary embarrassment of his association with Craig, Romney is probably helped by this scandal at the margins. When a party is reeling from scandal after scandal—some of them involving gross sexual misconduct and adultery—the wholesome guy who is loyal to his wife and family is going to look more appealing.

With some artful campaigning and messaging, these scandals can do more than help the Governor “at the margins.” Integrity can and should be a central focus of his campaign. With Republicans mired in endless accusations of incompetence and corruption, who offers a better contrast than the leader most known for his commitment to excellence and his integrity?

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