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From a letter to the editor of Foster’s Daily Democrat in New Hampshire:

Regarding your headline of July 29 about Romney (“A Mormon president: Is the U.S. ready?”), I remember in 1959 and 1960 we were asked if we were ready for a Catholic. Morality should count more than religion.

And another one:

I was dismayed and disappointed that Foster’s felt the fact that Gov. Romney is of the Mormon faith was headline material. (“A Mormon president: Is the U.S. ready?,” July 29). It is reminiscent of the year John F. Kennedy was running, with a big to-do about whether a Catholic should be president.
I think this country has moved on and become less bigoted. You need to give voters credit for more intelligence in their selections. Romney’s experience, values and conduct are important, not his religion, which is widely accepted in this country. They certainly don’t advocate the overthrow of our government and are not terrorists.

These comments get to the heart of much of what we’ve said about Gov. Romney’s religion–that is, that while we disagree profoundly with his theology, we deeply respect the way his religion has shaped his traditional moral values, and we believe those values are a plus for his campaign. Indeed, they represent one of the biggest differences between Gov. Romney and much of the rest of the field.

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