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I continue to get messages from people who chastise me for supporting a man “who’s not a Christian” for president. Yet somehow I never hear of these same people asking questions about the Christianity of those candidates who belong to our watered-down, mainstream denominations. I was reminded of how dramatically many Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, and others depart from the standards of the Christian faith when Charles pointed me to this article about homosexual Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson. Check out this paragraph:

I go off to college, which quite coincidentally happened to be owned by the southern dioceses of the Episcopal Church and met an assistant chaplain there. When I raised my questions again, instead of telling me that I shouldn’t be asking, instead he congratulated me on asking all the right questions and said he didn’t have all the answers, but I was welcome to come in and let’s look for those answers together. I remember being struck at how undefensive he was about his religion – that Anglicanism seemed to be big enough and broad enough to allow and even encourage those kinds of questions. It had its own answers, but it existed to help me come to my own answers. I remember thinking ‘gosh, that seems to me to be the way religion ought to be’. So I was very encouraged by that. One day when I was ranting and raving about how much of the Nicene Creed I didn’t believe, he said ‘well, when you’re in church, just say the parts of the creed you do agree with. Be silent for the others. We’re not asking you do so something against your integrity’. And again I thought whew, that’s what one would hope for from a religion – honesty and integrity. And I guess that’s a theme that has carried throughout my life in Ministry – that God wants us to be honest and full of integrity.

(Emphasis added).
If the only thing you know about a candidate is that they are Mormon or Episcopalian, which one do you think is more likely to believe what you believe about sexual morality, abortion, and the family? If you answered, “the Episcopalian,” then you are either a leftist or a liar. Yet we live in a world where it is the Mormon who has to answer tough questions about his faith while running for the nomination of an allegedly socially conservative party.
Now that is what I call foolish.

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