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September 26, 2007
Dear Friends,
Never once have I endorsed any candidate for any office but I am endorsing Governor Mitt Romney for President. This is a personal endorsement that is not connected with my charitable foundation, the Gerard Health Foundation.
As a businessman in Boston, I have been astounded by what Romney did at Bain and how he turned the Olympics around. In addition, a number of us in Massachusetts have worked successfully with Governor Romney on pro-life, abstinence, and marriage issues.
Contrary to what others have said, Governor Romney did not institute gay marriage in Massachusetts; the State Supreme Court did. Despite spending by the gay coalition of over $1M and despite intense opposition by the Speaker of the House and the newly elected Governor, Deval Patrick, Governor Romney helped us get a favorable vote during the first Constitutional Convention.
Governor Romney has continued to be outspoken against gay marriage and led a huge rally on the steps of the State House last December. He asked the Supreme Court for a ruling on the matter and received, as expected, a ruling that the legislators must vote but that the Supreme Court had no enforcement powers. He then worked quietly behind the scenes with individual legislators and with the Senate President to ensure that a vote was called. He even threatened to withhold promised legislative pay raises if a vote was not taken. It worked and Governor Romney needs to be given a lot if not most of the credit. Simply stated, without Governor Romney we never would have succeeded with the first Constitutional Convention. He made it happen. We wish he had still been in office during the second Constitutional Convention.
When we pointed out to the Governor that the State was wasting its abstinence funds on advertising he directed the Department of Health to institute an abstinence education training program for Junior High students and he line-item-vetoed the legislature’s attempts to kill off this new program.
While trying to decide whether or not to fund embryonic stem cell research Governor Romney adopted a pro-life position and announced this position very publicly in the Boston Globe. Since then has stuck to that position and it will be impossible for him to change back. One of the chapters of The Massachusetts Citizens for Life recently presented Governor Romney with an award for outstanding political leadership.
For all these reasons Governor Romney is excellently suited to be President in ’08.
Ray Ruddy

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