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Maybe Gary Bauer was one yesterday:

As for the perfect “social conservative candidate” out there, Bauer recognizes that someone like that is very hard to find. Instead, he’s concerned that social conservatives may be looking too much for perfection.
Bauer said, “Politics at the end of the day is getting 50 percent plus one and I’m afraid that our movement in the last couple of years has been using an approach that will make us feel better about the purity of our positions but is shrinking our movement.”

Just kidding. But Randall was:

Just when I think I’ve heard the best reasoning how to think about the next election, I read something better. Charles, you are absolutely right in your 24 September posting. Renewal in America will not come from White House, but rather the local church house. I believe that Gov Romney and his family will provide a good example, one that will make all American’s proud, but it is up to individual family units returning to lives of faith and virtue that will move this country in the direction we would like to see it go. I would like to see a good and competent leaders be our Congressmen, Senators, and President, but as a particular favorite candidate has said, no American institution will work well if the American family is broken. “Righteous and godly zeal” in our families, spreading throughout our churches, and then into our communities, is really the right focus. Thank you for reminding us of that!

Same for Paul:

Just want to thank you for your article today. You absolutely hit the bull’s eye with your points, and I agree totally. I like the emphasis you gave to competence and the ability to govern.
If we worry about Romney’s real or imagined flaws we pass up the opportunity to have a leader who has shown a talent for fixing some very big problems, and who might even simultaneously keep us informed as progress is being made.

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