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I’m about to head out on a camping trip with my family–sans David, unfortunately, since he’s in Colorado speaking at a conference. But before I shoved off, I wanted to link to this great article written by James Bopp explaining the horrors of McCain-Feingold:

There was no more adamant supporter of campaign finance reform and the regulation of political speech and issue ads that Senator Thompson. His support was not reluctant; it was enthusiastic and repeated. He actively and enthusiastically supported regulation of and, ultimately, total prohibition of corporate and labor union issue ads, which he never viewed as a “mistake.” The issue ad prohibition was not added by others, as he claimed, but was an essential feature of the campaign finance proposals he co-sponsored, voted for, and diverted his own Senate committee’s investigation to justify. In short, Senator Thompson devoted much energy in the Senate to gutting the First Amendment.

Read the rest here.
I think this legislation is one reason why James Dobson said that Fred Thompson was “not for me.” Dr. Dobson is actually a speaker at the same conference in Colorado where David is. Maybe they’ll hang out and we’ll have some exclusive EFM scoop when he returns.

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