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From RollCall:

In a crazy-off contest between groupies of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and just about anyone else — including bizarrely costumed loiterers hanging out on street corners — HOH recommends putting your money on the Ron Paul guys. An HOH tipster, who happens to be a Hill staffer, shared with us this tale illustrating the relative wackiness of the feverish supporters of the erstwhile presidential candidate.
The tipster and a pal, also a Hill staffer, attended a speech in Iowa by another GOP White House contender, former Sen. Fred Thompson (Tenn.), on Sept. 8. Outside the hotel where the candidate was speaking stood a group of Ron Paul supporters with signs reading, “Ron Paul Revolution.” As they left the hotel following the speech, our tipster and his sidekick spotted a guy dressed up in a shark suit, which he described as a full-fledged Halloween-style costume. So the tipster and his pal asked if this guy, too, was a Ron Paul supporter. Answered the shark-suit guy: “No man, those guys are crazy, I am just a dude standing on the corner in a shark suit.”


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