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Good morning, Charles–now that I’m back it seems everyone else left?
Trampolining off the fact that Fred Thompson says he learned his values around the kitchen table, David Brody riffs on the ’08 Presidential candidates’ apparent “God discomfort”:

I understand that presidential candidates aren’t running for Pastor-in-Chief. But there has been such a movement by the top tier republican candidates to distance themselves from any talk about God and Church that quite frankly, it’s been rather startling. This is an opportunity for Baptist preacher and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee to gain ground.

Read the whole thing here. Relatedly, I’m really glad that David didn’t learn his values primarily around the kitchen table. There, he learned his much touted rule: If one foot is still on the ground, you can reach over anyone else to get the hot buttered rolls. (He also eats off my plate, which drives me nuts after eleven years of unheeded protests.)
Anyway, this “kitchen table values” stuff makes me wonder. Remember how many evangelicals said that the President will affect the way Americans view religion–if Gov. Romney was elected, they feared that there might be a mass Mormon conversion across America? I wonder if there now will be heated discussions amongst evangelicals about whether the election of Fred Thompson will make millions of American churchgoers stay home on Sunday morning for the wise anecdotes the grits might offer?
UPDATE: I just read my post and wanted to clarify. David FRENCH is the one with the “one foot on the ground” rule of politeness. Although I don’t know David Brody of CBN, I’m sure he has great manners.

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