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Thanks, Charles. I guess if any EFM contributors were in Elle, it’d be me and not you, David, Steve, et al.
Also, in today’s Political Diary:

“[Mitt Romney] is now running from an advantageous position. He still trails well behind Rudy Giuliani in national polls, and newcomer Fred Thompson also is running ahead of him. But no one is close to Romney in Iowa polling, and no one has the grass-roots organization he built to win the straw vote. The New Hampshire race is closer, but the support in the state for both John McCain and Mike Huckabee means that Romney conceivably could win with a plurality well short of a majority. No Republican in the modern era of contested nominations has won both of these early states, and the plausible belief in the Romney camp is that his doing so would have the effect of vaulting him into the lead nationally”

Washington Post columnist David Broder.

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