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E-mail from reader David:

“So What’s With Mitt?” asks Power-Line. “Why hasn’t Romney done better, given his deep resources, obvious talents, and policy positions that line up well with the party’s base?” The suggested answer is because Mitt Romney is not connecting with the audience.
But, yesterday, after I made a presentation in a retirement community outside of Green Valley, Arizona, showing “The Mitt Romney Story,” one of the leaders of the local Republican Club came up to me and said she didn’t know why she hadn’t paid much attention to Governor Romney. She exclaimed, “It didn’t even dawn on me that his father was Governor George Romney.” “I really haven’t had a chance to learn much about him. He’s really impressive. There’s a lot more to him than just being a Mormon like the media wants you to see.”
I’m a volunteer. I have talked with hundreds of people, presenting Mitt Romney to Republicans around Southern Arizona. A few issues have become apparent to me. First, at this stage of the campaign, Republicans are wallowing in apathy. Even the activists act like their efforts might be for nothing. They act like they’ve been beat up and just don’t have what it takes. At least for now. Second, the media has promoted their people while the Republicans who are watching are divided among their choices and the majority of the voters have not even paid attention, yet. Finally, Mitt Romney plays a fair game of politics and is professional about it. That’s not going to change. But I am convinced that as people give him the chance, looking past the embellishments and lies of the Democratic National Committee, like the good people of Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and Nevada, Mitt Romney will soon be recognized as the leader America is longing for.

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