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Now that the hoopla surrounding Senator Thompson has subsided a bit, I hope all Conservatives and Christians can take a step back and re-evaluate this race a bit. Governor Romney is the clear choice for Conservative and Evangelicals for a number of reasons, not the least of which being his strong stance on family values and actions to back it up. Governor Romney has demonstrated that he is a devoted husband and father, but also that he is willing to stand on family values in his public life as evidenced by his stance against Gay Marriage, even in the face of the Massachusetts supreme court and continuing to be the most outspoken candidate against the teaching of “alternative” lifestyles in grammar school education.
In the July/August issue of Foreign Affairs, Governor Romney has called for an increase of 100,000 troops in the US Army. Not only does this reverse the disastrous decision of the Clinton Presidency, but regardless of how long we are in Iraq, the past few years have demonstrated that in order for America to defend itself, prosecute terror, respond to crisis and maintain traditional missions throughout the world the US military must be infused with new membership, new technology and new materials. Governor Romney also stated that the next President should guarantee a minimum percentage of defense spending of 4.0%. (It was nearly 6% in 1986) He also called for a restructuring of Government agencies in order to increase their responsiveness and cut expenditures. In the same article, Governor Romney also articulated the importance of maintaining a free market economy in the face of growing globalism and uncertainty and outlined the connections between a robust US economy and international security. Given his own personnel success as a businessman, rescue of the Olympics in 2002 and his economic success as Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney is the only Republican candidate who can lay claim to exemplary economic credentials.
The media portrays Governor Romney’s religion as a negative, but in many ways it should be a positive. True, I do not believe what Mormons believe, but we do share the same values. The values of family first, obedience to God, service to country, charitable giving, an upbringing that is grounded in faith and that of hard work. How could a conservative not vote for this man? He exemplifies Christian values, even though he may not see eye to eye with most of us. While Rudy Giuliani is an accomplished man and would be a successful President, can we really cast our vote for a man who openly admits he is not in good standing with his faith? Particularly when a man the caliber of Romney is standing right there? I want to win this election, but I would rather lose to Hilary Clinton than to compromise my principles.
If Governor Romney’s religion is in fact a negative, then let us consider his positives. As I mentioned earlier he has a strong grounding in family values and has backed it up with actions. Number two, he is exceedingly articulate and has a Presidential presence that none of the other Republican candidates have. Number three, he is a man of character as evidenced by his refusal to be paid as Governor of Massachusetts and his bailing out of the Boston Veterans Home with his own money. Number four, he has the right stance on immigration, by encouraging legal immigration and pushing the schools to adopt English immersion instead of bilingual education.
Number five, he has a strong record as a tax cutter and budget slasher, drastically reducing the taxes and spending of a state like Massachusetts without a republican house to back him up. Number six, he is wealthy. What I mean by that is that he can sustain a lengthy campaign against the democrats more easily that his opponents. Number seven, he has a new but not radical view on foreign policy and military affairs. Almost Reagan like with an increase in the size and capability of the military, a push for continued development of free economic markets, and a reforging of alliances and partnerships. Number eight, he can debate and beat Hillary Clinton. In 2002, Mitt Romney ran against Shannon Obrian for Governor. This woman was quite literally Hillary Clinton lite. She had a similiar agenda, and was very quick to play the liberal feminist card. The debates pretty much consisted of her attacking Mitt and Mitt adeptly and respectfully swatting her barbs away. By the the end of the third debate is was clear who the class of the election was.
If Mitt Romney was not a mormon, but a Baptist or Methodist, I firmly believe he would be leading in the polls as we speak. That isn’t to say he won’t be come January, but Christians should not hesitate to come out and vote for this man. He will support a family first agenda, appoint constitutional judges, oppose gay marriage, oppose unniversal health care, cut spending, keep taxes low, fight the war on terror in a pragmatic and decisive fashion, lead the country with character and make us proud to vote Republican again. I hope and pray that we as Christians get involved and come out and vote, because if we do not, we will surely be looking at another President Clinton in 2008.

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EFM's resident Yankee, Charles Mitchell, works in the non-profit arena in his native Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Charissa, live near the state capital of Harrisburg with their daughter, Adeline, and are members of a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America.

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