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David left this weekend to go to Iraq… and I must say I’m handling it quite well…
Saturday, I let Austin have a sleepover with his friend, got a pedicure with Camille, and canceled my Fall Book Club because I couldn’t deal with my friends’ griping disapproval of my book choice. Sunday, I went to church, zoned out during the sermon, sent Austin to a Tennessee Titans game, overscheduled our day, didn’t ask for prayers during Small Group, forgot we had a dog that was stuck in his crate, and pretended I didn’t care I’d sabotaged my own book club.
Today, I decided not to blog, but to merely list the things that look interesting from the news:
Romney Wins Key NH Endorsement
Does it Matter?
The Myth of Rudy Giuliani’s Electability
It’s Not a Five-Man Race, It’s a Two Man Race
And More on the Huckster’s Fiscal Record.
Seriously, thanks for all the well-wishes… I’m not able to respond to them all, but I appreciate the kind words and the prayers. And my dog Goggo did eventually get set free from his crate. Am thinking of doing a book club with him.
And the love-fest continues. From a reader:

You actually let your son watch that impure, vile, violent sport American Football. It is a sad mutation from the true futbol and may even be the real cause of jihadist hatred of America.

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