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And I’m not just saying that because they were hobnobbing in DC at the Values Voter conference and didn’t even introduce themselves…
Anyway, they had this analysis:

In terms of state polls, the only place Huckabee’s getting traction is Iowa. Right now, he doesn’t have the resources to spread himself too thin. Let’s say he does something fantastic, places a close second in Iowa. If New Hampshire is seven days later, does he have enough time to turn that into a decent showing? In two weeks, can he organize enough of an effort in South Carolina? Can he put together phone banks, door-knockers, rallies, etc.? It’s not impossible to imagine, but extremely difficult.
The other thing is, as much as social conservatives are not comfortable with the thought of Giuliani as the nominee, fiscal conservatives don’t like Huckabee. They’re burning him in effigy at the Club for Growth. Erick suggests Huckabee could tear apart the conservative coalition more than Giuliani. I had figured that once it came down to Rudy and Not Rudy, that the social conservatives (and perhaps some 527s) would push hard and put Not Rudy over the top. Perhaps we would see a similar push from fiscal conservative groups if the race comes down to Huck and Not Huck.
Of course, that raises the possibility that i the race came down to Giuliani vs. Huckabee… could it mean a brief all-out war between the SocialCons and FiscalCons?

Of course, we could decide to have both social values and fiscal restraint — in Gov. Romney.

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