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So, I’m here in the hotel room while the kids rest a bit. I just wanted to tell you and update so far.
First, right as I was about to activate on behalf of Gov. Romney — handing out buttons, etc — a friend said, “Don’t move. John McCain is right behind you.”
So, he saved me. I was actually being filmed right then, because the cameras were on him. I did turn a bit to show off my Romney tote.
Anyway, I heard his speech was good, and he and Tancredo looked like live wires compared to Fred Thompson. When I walked in a few minutes into Fred’s speech, he had something caught in his throat or something. He was coughing and clearing his throat a lot, and there were more “ummms” than I could count. However, he did get a standing ovation by saying he’d pray when he got to the Oval Office.
Duncan Hunter gave a great speech — He seems like a great man, and even says, “When I’m elected President” with a straight face. He got applause when he said he would build the entire 800 mile fence within 6 months of taking office!
Ron Paul gave a strange anecdote about walking into a San Francisco hospital where they were illegally giving abortions back in the late sixties. He said he accidentally walked into the room where the abortion was taking place, and witnessed the doctor deliver a 2 pound baby — alive! According to Dr. Paul, he said he watched as the doctors pretended not to hear the baby crying until he or she died. I thought it was a strange story, because it makes you wonder what on earth he did, other than watch the episode. Did he try to save the child, did he call the police? It was a headscratcher, for sure.
Anyway, the Governor speaks tonight! Show time. Oh, and vote!

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