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So, here we are in Washington, DC after coming quite a distance to support our candidate. Yesterday, we were handing out material on the main floor. (Note: our EFM pamphlets are pro-Romney but are not anti-anyone. Very fact based and philosophical.) We were told by the staff that we can’t hand out campaign literature or buttons and had to move up the stairs.
At a Christian conference, you should try not to be a punk. So, we moved our small little organization up to the second floor. This was away from the action, but we had many nice conversations with people as they left.
Today, the three of us went to our second floor after Rudy’s speech.
“Want to support a pro-life candidate?” I asked several people coming off the elevator, unloading some of the 44 pounds of buttons we bought.
“Ma’am, you can’t do that here.” It was a guy on staff.
“But we got permission.”
“We changed our mind.”
I put up a good fight. The guy was a good sport — especially while I challenged his ridiculous contention that the IRS prohibits my free speech in some way. I may have mentioned that I was married to a Constitutional lawyer and I may have grabbed him by the arms and pleaded that we had buttons we needed to get rid of.
He didn’t budge, and I didn’t have the energy to fight.
But it was frustrating.
Huckabee delivered a “red meat” speech and got about twenty-seven thousand ovations. He also had what we perceived to be a threat about a third party candidate. Almost the entire crown ran to the voting booths after his speech, so it’ll be interesting to hear the results.
Thanks to all of you who voted! Stay tuned…

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