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I’m not sure what you guys think about Joel Osteen, but Larry King asked him about politics and Gov. Romney. He had this to say:

LARRY KING: Do you ever take a political stand? Do you ever discuss Iraq?
J. OSTEEN: I never do. Not — not in that sense. We discuss it in the fact that we pray. Many of our members have family members that are over there and family members that they’ve lost. So, in that sense, we just do our best to support our president, whether we agree or not.
I mean, we don’t agree with anybody 100 percent, but we get behind them. We believe God puts the leadership there. And — but we don’t — I don’t take positions like that.
KING: Because?
J. OSTEEN: Well, I think a lot of times it’s going to divide the people that I’m trying to reach. Because not everybody, you know — in a church like ours, with all of the diversity, you have got Democrats, Republicans, people that are for the war, people that can’t stand the war. And I’m not there to solve all those issues. I’m here to give them hope and keep them pointed toward Christ.
KING: How do you feel about Mitt Romney and being a Mormon? Would that affect whether you vote for him or not?
J. OSTEEN: Well, you know what? I look at people, their character, their values, what they stand for. And I know only Mitt from watching him on your program and reading a couple of articles about him. And I don’t think that that would affect me. I’ve heard him say that he believes Jesus is his savior, just like I do. I’ve studied it deeply, and maybe people don’t agree with me, but I like to look at a person’s value and what they stand for.

Watch it here.

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