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The guy who started Blogs for Fred has decided not to root for Fred anymore:

I’ve been frustrated with his campaign even before it launched and have grown increasingly tired of having to justify to myself why Thompson deserves my vote. I won’t waste time elaborating all the reasons for my decision, but they are many. Still, I hung on until this past weekend. After seeing his sloppy, lackluster, uninspiring speech at the Washington Briefing I realized I couldn’t do it anymore.
It’s embarrassing to have to admit I was wrong. It’s even more embarrassing that I skipped over my favorite candidate (Huckabee) to support a man who doesn’t seem to care if he gets my vote or not. That’s why I’m cutting my losses now. While I still appreciate and admire Sen. Thompson, its time for me to put my support behind a more energetic and principled candidate.
If Thompson manages to slouch his way into St. Paul and gets the Republican nomination, he’ll have my vote. But I refuse to continue putting more energy into supporting him than he’s put into his own campaign.

CHARLES adds: Joe is one of the bloggers I respect most, and I don’t think I’m alone in that.

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