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Having the chance to hear all the Republican presidential candidates speak this weekend, a few things stuck in my mind. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I’m tired of religion becoming nothing more than a buzzword to candidates. Likewise, I’m in Reagan-exhaust. I love Ronald Reagan as much as the next conservative and I could go for another president like him, but I’m so tired of hearing candidate after candidate reference Reagan. He, too, has become a buzzword. And lastly, as the NRO editors point out much better than I could, I’m tired of the candidates staying in the past, instead of focusing on the present and future. Yes, past records are important, but isn’t the point of an election about how they lead now and will lead us in the future?

This squabbling does not advance conservatism. The Republican party is in low esteem. Most Americans do not believe that it has answers to the country’s problems. In choosing a president, they are not seeking the man who best embodies the Republican platform, or expresses the most nostalgia for 1994 (or, for that matter, 1980).

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