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Where I come from, we have a word (a phrase, actually) for this kind of thing. I won’t repeat it, because this is a family blog, but for a hint, see the title of this post. Given that, I was going to let it go. (And please don’t e-mail me asking if you can buy a vowel. That’s probably illegal under our current campaign-finance laws.)
But then I saw this from another campaign, and I can’t let it pass without comment. Saying Governor Romney “ran for Senate to the left of Ted Kennedy” in 1994 is just ridiculous. To make such a statement, one must be either ignorant of his real platform or in willful denial of the truth. Read it for yourself:

David’s apt words are worth re-stating:

The malicious “flip-flop” charge has gotten so out of control that it’s almost as if some people believe Governor Romney ran against Kennedy as some bizarre combination of Karl Marx, Ralph Nader, and David Geffen. Governor Romney was an economic, law and order conservative in ’94 who was wrong on abortion and wrong on some aspects of the homosexual agenda. But that’s not quite the picture being painted, is it?

P.S. One wonders why a candidate who refused to sign the Senate version of the Contract with America in 1994 wants to play this game…

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