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Charles, I’m so glad you posted some of the Governor’s campaign literature from ’94. The malicious “flip-flop” charge has gotten so out of control that it’s almost as if some people believe Governor Romney ran against Kennedy as some bizarre combination of Karl Marx, Ralph Nader, and David Geffen. Governor Romney was an economic, law and order conservative in ’94 who was wrong on abortion and wrong on some aspects of the homosexual agenda. But that’s not quite the picture being painted, is it?
On abortion, I’m glad he’s come to our side, and I’m incredibly glad that he’s done it in such an honest and forthright way. (How often do politicians say “I was wrong?”) On the homosexual issues, suffice it to say that there is a world of difference between ’94 and ’07. In 1994, same-sex marriage was not on anybody’s radar screen. In 1994, it was far from clear (as it is now) that the homosexual agenda included a frontal attack on religious liberty. The dominant issues were employment discrimination and “gays in the military” — issues that have actually receded in importance.
I like a candidate who can change his mind in response to new facts and emerging trends. It’s tough for me to see why others seem to think that’s a negative.
And I was not drawing social security in November 1994. I was a first-year associate at a law firm celebrating the Republican Revolution (and a successful bar exam). That next year, I would bump into Nancy Anderson on a campus visit to Lipscomb University. The rest is history.

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