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My newest Amazon review…so glad I’m still their favorite columnist:

I see Nancy French has continued to poison political discourse with her typical right-wing “I’m right and everyone is entitled to my opinion” attitude, this time in book-length form.
I’m getting really tired of people with her extreme right-wing view constantly having their viewpoints shoved down my throat (even when I don’t want to hear it). And I’m equally tired of hearing about their right to free speech. Any sane adult knows that, but too bad the “other side” doesn’t see it that way.
Isn’t it too bad that a Northerner can’t have their non-right wing view all over the place in southern cities the way French did in Philadelphia newspapers?
Speaking of which, too bad French doesn’t tell the whole story of how she was thoroughly ripped in every single paper where her rants appeared (and they were mostly in the Philadelphia City Paper, a free weekly). Every single piece said the same thing: George Bush is god and anyone who disagrees with that is wrong and I don’t want to hear it. That gets tiresome after the first 100 times.
And I have a real problem with French’s claims that she possesses those good ol’ American values. Her values, and definitely those of the South, are *not* everyones’ values, and everyone in the South does not share those “values.” It’s long overdue to hear from the non-right-wing folks fighting to have their voices heard in a part of the country that completely shuts out opposing opinions.
What we have here is a cutting-edge right-wing Republican being published time and again in a right-wing Republican-owned media. She sure is a renegade.

If you want to read what this lady is upset about, click here–and feel free to write your own review!

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