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This is what irritates me about Sen. Fred Thompson. The candidates were asked to play a campaign commercial during the debate. Fred, in his video, just used footage from Gov. Romney’s 1994 campaign video even though he himself was pro-choice the same year.
It befuddles me. As I mentioned before, I spoke at the Williamson County event today in Tennessee, and everything went very well. I made jokes, people laughed. I got heckled by a woman from Massachusetts who took offense to my red state/blue state riffs — I heckled her back. People laughed.
Then, during the Q&A session, someone asked me to compare/contrast Fred versus Mitt — remember this is Tennessee. I said, basically, that they had a lot of things in common: both are converts to the pro-life cause, both have good records except that Gov. Romney supports two amendments that Fred doesn’t: Human Life and Traditional Marriage. I was trying to be delicate, since I didn’t want to offend people who were just there to eat lunch and get a few laughs.
However, at the very end, a Fred fan raised her hand and said that I had misrepresented her candidate — she claimed that Fred has never been pro-choice.
I’ve always been puzzled by Fred fans who apparently stick their fingers in their ears, close their eyes, and say, “I can’t hear you!” when they see this:

But I think I now understand. Fred misrepresents himself without shame, and his followers just don’t know it yet. Charles, if he wasn’t sinking faster than the Titanic, I’d post the above video every day. (Good news, Fred fans — I guess Fred can do something fast.)

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