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It appears that National Right to Life is going to endorse Fred Thompson for President tomorrow. This is quite a head scratcher since Senator Thompson outlined a pro-choice philosophy just two weeks ago on Meet the Press (see more here and here).
I’m very troubled that one of the most important pro-life organizations in the country would endorse a candidate that opposes the Human Life Amendment, a key part of the Republican Party’s pro-life platform. Thompson’s talk of “criminalizing young girls” is also offensive, considering that this language is commonly used as a scare tactic by NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Any way you cut it, Senator Thompson is not talking the language of the pro-life movement.
Many believe that Senator Thompson has seen the light since his days of lobbying for abortion rights in the early 90s. But I’m becoming more and more convinced that there is only one genuine convert in this race.
If pro-life organizations are going to endorse pro-choice talking candidates, I fear they could damage the credibility of our movement. I’m aware of many individual pro-lifers who have abandoned the Thompson campaign following his Meet the Press disaster. Are they going to be pleased to learn about this endorsement? Nope. And this endorsement doesn’t even make sense as calculated political decision, considering that Senator Thompson’s campaign has generated absolutely no momentum.
I understand that Senator Thompson had a pro-life voting record as a member of the Senate and I commend him for that. But he’s provided more than enough reasons for pro-lifers to be very skeptical of his convictions on this issue.

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