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Charles, the part that jumped out at me was his answer about “gay marriage,” which you posted below:

I post it again because I keep running into folks who just refuse to believe Sen. Thompson would say such a thing. For example, at the DC at the Values Voter Conference, I met a gentleman who refused to believe Sen. Thompson used to be pro-choice. He sneered at Gov. Romney’s past views on the topic, and was indignant when I mentioned Fred’s. Now, don’t get me wrong…It’s understandable if people haven’t quite tuned into the race yet. But, this man was fluent in the language of politics and the ’08 race.
And he refused to say that Fred ran as a pro-choice candidate in Tennessee.
“You don’t have to take my word for it,” I said. “Just go to YouTube.”
“Oh, you’re talking about that time when he said he was pro-choice?”
“At the debate?”
Inexplicably, he shook his head and said, “I just don’t believe it.”
I was aghast. It was like talking to someone who thought the moon landing was filmed in Hollywood. I literally refused to stop talking to him, until he admitted that Fred had run as a pro-choice candidate. So, I post the above again, because I think it’s taking some time to see Fred the candidate clearly.
There you have it, folks. Believe it.
UPDATE: For fun, let’s compare Fred’s “they can have it if they want it” stance to Gov. Romney’s proven record fighting for traditional marriage:

Gov. Romney is for traditional marriage and he has proven it:
* He pushed for an amendment to Massachusetts’ constitution to overturn the same-sex “marriages” that courts have imposed
* He testified before Congress and wrote to senators in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment
* He ordered enforcement of a little-known 1913 law to prevent out-of-state gay couples from getting “married” in Massachusetts and provoking a national constitutional crisis
* He opposes civil unions, but the Democrats in the state legislature demanded that they be legalized in the constitutional amendment

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