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… as you may have already noticed. But if you somehow hadn’t, here’s his latest commercial:

The Weekly Standard notes that:

In case Huckabee talking about the importance of his faith didn’t make things obvious enough, the ad’s first caption reads, “Christian Leader.”
But wait – there’s more! Huckabee says in the ad, “I don’t have to wake up everyday wondering, ‘What do I need to believe?’” This is obviously the standard flip-flop charge aimed at Romney. What takes this spot into unexplored territory is the fact that the term “Christian Leader” pops up during this seemingly shopworn attack. Was the term “Christian Leader” supposed to draw a contrast between Huckabee and another candidate, maybe the Mormon one he was referencing when the term swept onto the screen?
What’s most disturbing about this spot is it hits the Mormon angle with the same kind of elusive slickness that John Edwards used to go after Dick Cheney’s daughter. The Huckabee campaign has the same kind of plausible deniability with this ad that Edwards had after his debate with Cheney.
Perhaps I’m just paranoid and all of this is just a strange coincidence. After all, the Huckabee team is new to running TV ads. Then again, it would be a very strange coincidence.

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