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Good Thursday morning! I am writing at my kitchen counter, to the most wonderful sound I’ve ever heard: the pleasant hum of someone-else-vacuuming. I’m having someone help me while David is away, and I think I could get used to this.
Anyway, let’s start the day with the news that the Iowa Christian Alliance is not happy with Pat Robertson. In a letter that Marc Ambinder posted this morning, the president of the group had these words:

“Social conservatives such as Pat Robertson who back pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage candidates do a disservice to the conservative movement. At the end of the day, we have to stand for something, or our movement has no purpose.”

The question remains…what will other evangelicals think about this endorsement? Also, will it cause them to go ahead an endorse someone else? Say, a front runner who does represent their values?
Now, you’ll have to excuse me while I go back to not cleaning my house.
CHARLES adds: Nancy, Kate O’Bierne appears to have an answer for you:

Just back from being with some committed conservatives, veterans all when it comes to ideological battles. The consensus was that Pat Robertson’s endorsement helps Rudy — not because he commands the allegiance of the “easily led” but because it provides a significant “Exhibit A” rejoinder to the charge that Christian conservatives simply won’t support Giuliani. One expert on gun issues faults the whole GOP field, pointing out that Giuliani was the only Republican mayor to sue gun manufacturers. I think he shows a lack of understanding here. If you treated your wife the way Giuliani treated his, would you support guns in the home?
The consensus candidate was Mitt Romney. One apparent effect of the Robertson endorsement is to persuade sideline-sitting conservatives who strongly oppose Giuliani to get behind someone who can stop him.

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