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This article from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has some interesting nuggets:

New Beginnings church hasn’t endorsed anybody in the 2008 presidential race, but God probably has, pastor Larry Huch said Sunday.
The Almighty, who chose a Goliath-slayer to reign over Israel years ago, apparently has selected an Arkansan to rule over the United States, the Irving pastor repeatedly told his congregation as Mike Huckabee stood nearby.
Huch, saying he believes he has a word from God for the Republican hopeful, quoted a Scripture passage from 1 Samuel that ends with the Lord declaring: “Arise and anoint [David to lead the nation ] for this is the one.”
The crowd, some of them wearing yarmulkes, cheered noisily after Huch’s declaration, and they later stretched their hands toward Huckabee as they prayed for campaign season favor from heaven.
“I believe that Sen. Huckabee is the David that you’ve brought in to be a head over this nation’s house,” Huch said, misstating Huckabee’s political rank. “And Father, I ask for the blessing on him, on his family, on their campaign, that you will keep them safe, you will give them wisdom, that you will give him favor, for he is giving you all the praise and all the glory.”

Two observations:
1. Can you imagine the brouhaha if this had happened to Gov. Romney in an LDS church?
2. Does this violate the IRS tax codes, to have a pastor lay hands on a candidate and declare that God has anointed him to win the election… at church? Just curious and my resident attorney is away.
I also found the fact that a famous televangelist in the Word of Faith movement has donated the maximum amount to Huckabee’s campaign:

In the entrance, televangelist Kenneth Copeland said Huckabee’s chances of victory are “big. Big.”
“Why ?” a reporter asked.
“God,” Copeland replied. The prosperity gospel preacher predicts evangelicals will rally around Huckabee.
“If you ever get all this bunch stirred up at the same time, it makes a big difference, and I think it’s stirring time,” Copeland said.

A reader from Florida noticed there was a poll to the left of the article, in which you might like to cast a vote.

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