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Good morning, Charles — I think we do agree on the substance of the “Mormon Speech” issue. Did you already see this interview with Byron York on NRO? It deals with how Gov. Romney should address his faith. The part I like is when Gov. Romney explained that he doesn’t get angry, he gets “intense:”

“You don’t show many flashes of anger in public,” I said to him.
It’s not anger, Romney told me. “I call that intensity,” he said, laughing. “It’s just Romney intensity.” He told me the story of his father, George, the governor of Michigan, who had an “intense debate” with a state lawmaker. George Romney was holding the man by his lapels, which ripped in the grip of that Romney intensity. “It may be a bit of a family trait,” the son said, “to be very intense and very energized about things you believe very deeply.”

The whole article is worth a read — it’s called “Downplay My Faith? Not Gonna Happen.”

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