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Geraghty calls Rudy to the carpet for accusing Gov. Romney of impropriety:

I’ve been pretty rough on Mitt Romney lately, so I’ll take a moment to blow the whistle on one of the shots at him last night.

Giuliani: If you’re going to take this holier than thou attitude, that your whole approach to immigration…
Romney: I’m sorry, immigration is not holier than thou, Mayor. It’s the law.
Giuliani: If you’re going to take this holier than thou attitude that you are perfect on immigration…
Romney: I’m not perfect.
Giuliani: … it just happens you have a special immigration problem that nobody else up here has. You were employing illegal immigrants. That is a pretty serious thing. They were under your nose.

So, Mr. Mayor, you’ve never eaten in a restaurant that has employed an illegal immigrant in the kitchen or as a waiter or busboy? In New York City? For eight years?
I think that’s very comparable to Romney hiring a company that employed illegal aliens to do its work. In both cases, the customer is giving money to a company that turns around and gives money to an illegal immigrant for his or her labor. If Giuliani wants to call that “employing” illegal immigrants, how certain can the former mayor be that he himself doesn’t have that “special immigration problem”?

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