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This is pretty funny:

White House hopeful Fred Thompson called his trip down an aisle of rifles, shotguns and pistols at a gun show Saturday “a day in paradise”…

This is not:

“Until about two years ago, when he decided he was going to run for president, Governor Romney was the most adamant pro-choice advocate that I’ve ever seen,” Thompson said. “You know, pull it up on the YouTube sometime of his debates and when he was running for governor and see the fervor with which he held his pro-choice beliefs. Now he’s entitled to change his mind, but I don’t think that he ought to be casting aspersions on anybody in terms of pro-choice — pro-life, pro-choice — issues,” Thompson said.

Look, it would be bad enough if a candidate who’d distinguished himself as a pro-lifer made a charge like this — because the purpose of the pro-life movement is to make converts, not to clap each other on the back for being in the (unwon) fight for so long. But for this guy to say it? Give me a break! YouTube yourself, Senator:

He also said in 1994:

Government should stay out of it. No public financing. The ultimate decision must be made by the woman. Government should treat its citizens as adults capable of making moral decisions on their own.

Senator Thompson himself said recently on Meet the Press that his heart has changed on the abortion issue within the past four years — due to seeing sonograms of his young daughter. Why, then, is he attacking someone else who’s undergone a change of heart?
And if Governor Romney was “the most adamant pro-choice advocate that I’ve ever seen” just due to some wrongheaded stuff he said, what does that make someone who did lobbying on behalf of pro-abortion types?
I don’t think Senator Thompson wants that question answered — and he should end these senseless attacks.

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