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I’m waiting for my brake pads to be changed — a “David” job I’m having to do, but it’s not too bad. There’s a woman wearing sunglasses conked out in a black leather chair, which means I’m not to use my cell phone freely. There’s a man ignoring the softly humming television in the corner, as Regis & Kelly exchange barbs he’s not interested in. I’m the only one blogging on the Presidential race.
And this is really not even an important post, but just an observation. Yesterday, I read that Fred Thompson’s approval ratings were sinking fast, something that’s hard to gauge here in Tennessee — where everyone is drunk with the Fred Thompson Kool Aid. Or at least they were.
I’ve noticed lately the enthusiasm has waned a great deal, and honestly don’t even see many Fred bumper stickers — and I literally live twenty minutes from his hometown.
Anyway, I was driving to the mechanic, listening to a country station whose deejays were bantering on the ’08 race. They were discussing which Presidential candidate they’d like to hang out with, and it wasn”t Fred. In fact, they said they wouldn’t want to hang out with Fred, because he’d just complain that the steak wasn’t cooked right or something.
As I said, this is unimportant except that it indicates a trend: the Fred balloon has a fast leak. Via NRO yesterday:

Thompson’s negatives have grown sharply since he entered the race. In July, a CNN/WMUR poll of New Hampshire Republicans found 30 percent would not support him “under any circumstances” — but in the new poll, that figure grew to 50 percent.

Okay, so Sleeping Beauty in the corner has awakened, paid for her car, and left. Perhaps that means my car is next!

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