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In a twist I never expected, Judith Regan shows up once again… this time, she might influence the Presidential race. Judith, as you probably know, is a firebrand former book publisher who championed such books as OJ’s “If I did It,” and other notably controversial tomes. It’s been said her “capacity for picking winning books is equaled only by her capacity for picking the wrong men” and she was recently fired over allegedly anti-Semitic remarks.
But that, according to Judith, is not the true story. It’s much, much worse.
Think back a couple of years, when it became public that Judith had an affair with none other than Bernie Kerik. According to a source at the NYT:

“…a senior executive in the News Corporation organization told Regan that he believed she had information about Kerik that, if disclosed, would harm Giuliani’s presidential campaign. This executive advised Regan to lie to, and to withhold information from, investigators concerning Kerik.”

Her lawyer says she has evidence that she was told to lie when federal agents were vetting Mr. Kerik.
And that’s not all. She’s also claiming that she was fired under the pretense of the anti-Semitic remarks, in an effort to discredit her from coming forth with damaging related to Rudy’s Presidential aspirations.
All of this, of course, is the type of thing you normally don’t talk about in polite company. However, there is much, much drama associated with Rudy… and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Come on, Republicans. Don’t we have too much scandal fatigue to elect a President susceptible to such attacks? If he does become President, just go ahead and plan to avert your eyes for the next 4 to 8 years.

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